Friday, September 28, 2012

Monday, January 23, 2012

A girl's Best Friend....

I just love this picture of Kate and Sam..... friends forever!!!

Pioneer Christmas 2011

Another late post....... my cousin Caitlin got married right before Christmas this year so we went up to Utah early for that. It was also "A Pioneer Christmas" for the Lange fam....... good times, right? Yes. So our trip was filled with all sorts of pioneerish activities like: illegaly chopping down our own christmas tree, stringing popcorn and cranberries for it, pulling taffy, making hand carts and "treking" downstairs to the basement to watch 17 Miracles, walking to church, lots of dutch- ovening, (mostly by the master- my dad) stacking wood, making stockings and quilts..... I know there is more....... we also went ice skating and sledding- although we had to drive a while to find some fake stuff because there was NO snow the entire trip! The only bad thing about this whole trip was that Rach and Cam weren't with us.... they had to go to the Phillipines...... whatever!! ;) j/k!! They GOT to go there because Cam's parents are serving a mission there!! Awesome, right?? They had lots of fun- but were missed at home!! I love being with my family. Wish I lived closer to them. Any of them for that matter!! It was a really fun trip and also really helped put things into perspective about what is important in our lives. Thanks mom and dad for hosting another BOMB christmas!!! LOVe you!!
p.s. thanks again jess for letting me steal some of these pics from you!!!

This was it for the snow department...... chinsey!!

impressive, right?

stud muffin!
Caitlin- the beautiful bride! and her sisters and mom. Where's Colton?? Sorry buddy!!

Stu balls- love that you are soo crafty!! ;)

Grandpa Marv came down and hung out with us- love him!!!

We had to drive out to Midway to find this little ice patch....

Look at this HOT MAMA!!!

Jess took some family pictures....
Christmas eve gang.

Olivia and her trumpet. All she wanted for Christmas was a trumpet. Santa pulled thru....

Couldn't find Papa for this one....
oh here he is!! Just suiting up for our nice walk to church- Pioneer STYLE!!